The Alexandrian Public Library Bookmobile brings the library’s services to all the townships in the Library’s service area. Anyone with an APL Library card can check out materials from the Bookmobile. Materials from the Bookmobile can be returned to the Main Library, and materials from the Main Library may be returned to the Bookmobile. The Bookmobile makes over 40 stops per month during the school year, and over 70 during the summer!

Would you like to have the Bookmobile visit your business or area? Please contact Sandy Hartman at 431-8528 to discuss upcoming schedules.

If you need to get in touch with or have a question for the APL Bookmobile, please call 431-8528.

Our current bookmobile has been deaccessioned, but we have a new one on order to arrive in early 2020! In the meantime, please reach out to Sandy at 431-8528 to discuss a homebound delivery, outreach events and much more!