Loan Periods

APL offers a wide variety of materials for check-out by its customers, including books, CDs, magazines, educational and entertainment DVDs, audiobooks, and more. The loan periods for these materials vary, as outlined below.

Material Type Loan Period
Books 28 Days
Bestseller Express Books 7 Days
Audiobooks 28 Days
CDs 28 Days
Entertainment DVDs 3 Days
Educational DVDs 14 Days
Holiday Books 14 Days
Magazines 14 Days
Board Games 14 Days
Popular Books 14 Days

Most items can be renewed one time if they are not on hold for another customer. DVDs may not be renewed.

Limitations are placed on the number of items of a particular type that may be checked out, so that all customers have a chance to find the materials they need. These limitations are:

No more than…

  • 3 books on a specific subject
  • 5 audiobooks
  • 5 CDs
  • 5 DVDs