Specialty Cards

Non-Resident Cards | PLAC Cards |My First Library Card

 Non-Resident Cards:

Residents of Illinois, Kentucky or any other state are eligible to receive a library card, valid for one year. Nonresidents pay a $94.00 fee per year per family. Only one card is issued per family, and no juvenile cards will be issued.

Nonresidents must provide proof of address and pay the $94.00 nonresident fee prior to receiving their card.

Nonresidents who can prove with a pay stub, tax bill, or deed that they work, own property or pay property taxes in our district are eligible for a nonresident card free of charge. Proof of nonresident status must be shown each year when a new card is purchased.

Nonresident borrowers have all the rights and privileges of resident library patrons. However, to use other libraries in Indiana, they must apply for a library card at each library they want to use and pay any nonresident fees.

PLAC Cards:

The PLAC (Public Libraries Access Card) card is for use in libraries that do not participate in the Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement. Any APL patron who wants to check out library materials from a PLAC library will have to purchase a PLAC card.

A PLAC card may be purchased for $65.00, and is valid for one year.

My First Library Card:

Children under the age of five will receive a “My First Library Card”. This card will only be able to check out materials from the juvenile areas of the collection, and are ineligible to check out videos. Once the child turns six years old, they may turn in their “My First Library Card” for a card with all rights and responsibilities of the collection.