Summer Reading Challenge

Our 2020 Summer Reading Program – Imagine Your Story! – will be held May 30 – July 25!

To register, please visit the library. The Summer Reading Program is open to all ages, and we have lots of great prizes to give away this year!

On your reading log, mark what age level you are. Cross off a picture for every book you read or listen to and earn entries for our prize drawings. If you finish your reading log ask us for another and keep on reading and earning entries for the prize drawings!

No reading goals! No deadlines! Just turn in all prize entries by July 25!

Tickets for the prize drawing will be awarded as follows:

Adults/YAs: 1 book read = 1 ticket

Entering grades K-2: 6 books read = 1 ticket

Entering grades 3-5: 3 books read = 1 ticket

Preschool: 15 books listened to = 1 ticket